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Possible as: classical Stilt Walkers in tailcoat with top hat and heart-shaped balloons, Chefs on stilts, Jesters or in a costume tailored to your event... Our Stilt-Walkers will certainly "stand out" in a positive manner. They are the perfect reception committee e.g. for Galas

Especially suitable for Promotion-Events and Trade Fairs!

Also ask for our multi-day-offers:


Stelzengeher, Stelzenläufer

Special: "The Stilt-Chefs"

Jean-Luc and Philippe are the humorous and charming variant of a Stilt-Walker act. Impersonating French "multi-star-rated, award winning" chefs they serve dinner and humor. They start to entertain your guests by serving delicious appetizers in special scoops. Later they serve soup while "smalltalking" about "se French cuisine" and go on performing little magic tricks and serving "digestion helpers" (schnapps). Bottom line: the perfect seasoning for any dinner.