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The best DJs for your Festivity


Weddings, Birthdays, Company Parties, Clubbings? We have just the right DJ for any occasion!

SPECIAL: Our wedding-DJs

The four core members of our team are:

DJ Paco

DJ Xris

DJ Tom

DJ Prinz-it

During labor-intensive times (like the Christmas-months) we closely cooperate with further DJ colleagues, in order to provide you with the best appropriate musical support for your event!




You are planning your wedding? We are the right choice for you! Our DJs offer the perfect music and background-music for your celebration!



Whether elated music during the Aperitif, smooth background-music during dinner, or a great diverse variety


DJ Francis

I have been working as a DJ for over 15 years now. My motivation and delight is to make audiences communicate, dance and party with the help of my music. I love to Dj at peppy events like weddings, birthday- and company-parties. Furthermore, I like Salsa &


DJ Xris

DJ Xris


Ever since my childhood, music has been an integral part of my life. Melodies and rhythms have accompanied me through all stages of my life. Especially the emotionalizing effect of music is something I utilize when working as a DJ. I