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Glow Show and Fluorescent Juggling

Glow Show and Fluorescent Juggling

In keeping with current trends, we have developed a fascinating act, the content of which can be perfectly adapted to your event. A tailor-made performance with a common thread!

According to your budget and ideas, we offer three different variants:

  1. X-LARGE: The actors are supported by a Multimedia-Master, thus staging an individual performance of global standard! The actions of the artists are being filmed and transmitted live to a special computer-program which is connected to a beamer and – in turn - projects the altered movements on a canvas. In this way, we produce beautiful, fantastic and unique Light-Effects.
  2. LARGE: With a pre-recorded voice over, we create a great story that fits your event. –Filled with Fluorescent Juggling, Laser-Effects, Blacklight-Miming, Dance, and Light effects. PURE ENTERTAINMENT!
  3. MEDIUM: The classic: artistic Juggling with fluorescent props like clubs, sticks and pois.


Stage: about 30 square meters

Room that can be darkened

Depending on the variant: Sound&Light Technician

XL-variant: Strong/bright Beamer, big canvas

Requests: office(at)