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Darwin Dinner

Captain´s Dinner

How the theft of a whaler is connected to the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin.

On a trip aboard H.M.S. Beagle from 1828 - 1830, captain Robert FitzRoy took a number of "Tierra de Fuegos" hostage for the theft of a whaler. He intended to civilise those people in England. But things turned out differently than planned. The ship left the harbour of Davenport/England on December 27th, 1831, the second time under his command, heading for Cape Hoorn.

On board with him was the 22-year-old theologian Charles Darwin, who was recommended as natural scientist for this trip, and thus could gain insights, which led him to his "Theory of Evolution" 20 years later.

Experience this thrilling one-act-story, which reenacts the chronology of events through the eyes of captain Robert FitzRoy as well as through the thoughts of Charles Darwin.


Duration: ca. 30 Minuten


Cast: Franciskus Beacon-Schandl asCharles Darwin and Christopher Muhr as captain Robert FitzRoy

Director: Mathias Schuh

next performacne: 22. Oktober 2010




We also come to YOUR place!

remuneration: by arrangement

required: small stage, min. 3x4 meters; (sound/lighting system) Historical costumes and props in stock