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Pantomimes, Morphsuits and Living Statues

Pantomimes, Morphsuits and Living Statues

Pantomimes/Living Statues/Living Dolls: Time and again these silent figures fascinate audiences. Whether they walk or stand still, whether they are funny or stay in the background, whether they dress in white, silver or gold, they will always add that certain something to your event.

These acts are perfect for receptions (handing out little presents) as well as providing a living background for your event or serving as "wellness stops" for your guests (by handing out drinks and appetizers, giving discreet massages or showing short magic tricks).

Also suitable for promotion at trade shows, exhibitions, open-house-presentations etc. Being the perfect eye-catcher, we make the most of your product. Sales Promotion at its best!

We will also happily wear costumes specifically designed for your event, or the very popular morphsuits.

  • Also possible as show highlight! see..


Featuring the best Pantomimes of Austria (an endangered breed ;-)), we show poetic, cheerful, even intoxicating miming of variable duration.

We offer Pantomime-Shows perfectly tailored to your Product, Company or Event potentially also with voice-over.

See above: our Pantomime Show Highlight for the "Trigos Gala 2011"

For Requests and your personal offer contact: office(at)